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Terms Of Use and Conditions

November 30th 2018

HNC.MN Terms Of Use and Conditions

When you visit HNC CONSTRUCTION INC. (hereafter HNC), you agree to the terms and conditions described below. HNC.MN all services, domain names, software codes, interfaces, content, News , Text, design,video and all published content, algorithms, owner of drawings, models, designs and all other intellectual industrial rights (except content and applications provided by third parties), Crimean Avenue Liparis Business Center 36/7 Emek / Çankaya / Ankara / TURKEY at Resident HNC CONSTRUCTION INC. The software, design and copyright of the services offered are exclusively owned by HNC. Services and the services are not permitted to copy, reproduce, and distribute the linked pages, as well as to reverse engineer them.

Embedded streaming video to extract content produced by HNC (video, text, image, News, audio file) on condition that the source is specified and the active link is given. the use of the codes on other sites is not permitted by HNC. HNC is based on sharing culture, but due to its institutional structure, it does not have to show resources or does not allow the situation without showing.

HNC has been sent to the side of the press organizations and news about the news / sharing made on this and other web sites, and the information / content found on this is accurate. we do not warrant or warrant that this content is for institutional purposes only. HNC is personally responsible for the content produced and published by itself., in addition, the content provided by third parties and media organizations and published by law No. 5651 No. 5. It does not accept any responsibility in any way by virtue of its article.

HNC provides services and services to be more effective in order to use a lot of 3. party can cooperate with institutions and organizations in various ways. This collaboration;, sponsorship, permitted marketing, data sharing and other legal business methods may be. HNC will communicate by e-mail in marketing activities as prescribed by law., the member declares and undertakes that he / she will not engage in communication and marketing activities without the consent of the member, and that he / she will provide tools that will allow the user to leave the system free and easily. (For e-mail subscription service.No any marketing method other than that is not used.)

HNC will do everything it can to ensure uninterrupted and error-free operation of its services. However, internet access service providers may occur in the systems HNC services may also be affected in connection with cases of technical failures, failures in the systems of the contracted third parties, system maintenance and force majeure. In such cases, HNC will take the necessary measures to operate the services effectively, but assume responsibility for any associated service failures and errors that are not directly authorized to interfere. discourages.

HNC may make changes unilaterally at any time in order to provide the best service on the services it offers.

HNC may unilaterally change, revoke or publish a new version of the user agreement at any time, in accordance with the changing laws and conditions. Any legal dispute between HNC and the user shall be resolved in good faith in the first instance, otherwise the parties agree that Ankara courts and execution offices are authorized. The terms of Use offered to you are deemed accepted by both parties as the user is registered and enters the site, uses the content and services. If the term of use is not accepted, it is sufficient that the user does not use the site and services.
Effective Date: 11/30/2018